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An unreasonable request?

I think everyone has experienced being on one end of a phone call and getting frustrated at the other parties’ lack of enthusiasm.

I have experienced times where I have called up a company, and before even mentioning what the call was about, hearing the monotonous or dismissive tone, which, reading between the lines, sounded like ‘oh, its you’.

I will admit that I can be a little hands on. I like to know that everything is in order, and all of my requests have been taken on board. If I don’t feel confident that this is the case, well, I will chase. I will double check – in short, if you have understood, and everything is in place, let me know!

For example, trying to book a hotel conference room recently, initially explaining the layout I required and what timings I needed the catering sorted and replenished, I then received a booking form completely different from my original request.

What does that tell me? You didn’t listen and to some extent, you don’t really care. Now I have to call you again, I have to make the same requests but this time, my faith in the companies’ ability to fulfil my request has decreased. The result? I am going to check in more often.

Which may lead to the lethargic and often upsetting tone on the phone.

As a client, or as someone who is requesting a service, I don’t need you to be my best friend, but I do need you to give me confidence. If I request a certain room layout etc. for a hotel in Manchester, I can’t just nip up the road and help with the set up, I need to believe that you care as much