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An unreasonable request?

I think everyone has experienced being on one end of a phone call and getting frustrated at the other parties’ lack of enthusiasm. I have experienced times where I have called up a company, and before even mentioning what the call was about, hearing the monotonous or dismissive tone, which, reading between the lines, sounded like ‘oh, its you’. I will admit that I can be a little hands on. I like to know that everything is in order, and all of my requests have been taken on board. If I don’t feel confident that this is the case, well, I will chase. I will double check – in short, if you have understood, and everything is in place, let me know! For example, trying to book a hotel conference r

The importance of the 'Other'

The importance of the ‘Other’ We can all agree that recruitment questionnaires are getting longer. Quotas on respondents are multiplying and the average time for ‘screening’ is a minimum of 15-20 minutes. You have the generic demographic and past participation questions (vital if you want proof that you are doing your due diligence when looking for the right respondents), and the end confirmation where you have to ensure that all respondents give their informed consent to take part and be recorded. In between are arguable your most important questions – the quota identifying ones. We all know that if there are gaps in the screener, however small, you may end up with the wrong respondents, wh


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